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  • tcp/ip
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  • php/python
  • svg
  • xml


SVG Samples

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is the new open graphic format from the W3C for web-based delivery of rich dynamic and interactive graphics and text. SVG is a mix of robust technologies including XML, DOM, CSS, Xlink, XSLT and JavaScript, using the Adobe® SVG Viewer. It supports static and dynamic graphics and WAV or MP3 audio. For further details, visit www.adobe.com/svg or www.w3.org/graphics/svg.

Read a book about it

Of course the premier site featuring SVG technology is Battlebots.com which see!

To view the SVG modules on this site you must download the Adobe SVG Viewer software, available free at the link below.

Download Adobe SVG

SVG Color Chart
Web Safe Color Chart
First Sample basic shapes & animations
Second Sample Texas flag
Third Sample Event Booths

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